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How to Properly Insert Scleral Lenses

Close-up of a woman's hands holding a contact lens container while her right hand holds a contact lens.

It’s not simply a matter of popping scleral lenses the way you might with standard contact lenses; time, precision, patience, and the three-finger tripod method will make the insertion process much easier. Your optometrist can arrange a special contact-lens fitting session to guide you through the process and make sure you’re comfortable getting the lenses in and out before you take them home. […]

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How Long Do Scleral Lenses Last?

Close-up of a woman's right eye as she puts a contact lens in using her right hand.

Some people may get up to a year’s wear, while others may have to replace them every 3–6 months. In some cases, the lenses can last up to 3 years. It all depends on the level of care and maintenance the lenses are provided. Even the shape and size of your eyes matter, so it’s recommended that you consult with a professional. […]

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