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If you’re an athlete, you’re probably well aware of the impact your vision has on your performance. No matter what sport you play, your eyes are essential for reacting quickly, handling the equipment you use, and staying accurate when you take your shot.

However, some vision conditions can affect the skills you need to play your best. To help, we’ve developed a fully comprehensive sports vision therapy program that addresses the visual skills you need as an athlete and improves them with guided training and exercises.

If you’re looking to unlock your vision’s full potential, please call the eye doctors at Total Vision in Diamond Bar today to schedule a sports vision assessment. We can pinpoint your needs and develop a customized therapy program tailored just for you!

What is Sports Vision Therapy?

Sports vision therapy is all about training your eye’s visual skills to their fullest potential. Some of the most common skills we focus on (but not limited to) include:

Eye Tracking & Accuracy

Eye tracking and accuracy are the skills you use to “keep your eye on the ball.” During any sport, your eyes need to follow fast-moving objects accurately. The skills your eyes use to do this include:

  • Saccadic eye movements, or fast eye movements. These movements help you quickly change between points of interest.
  • Slow pursuit movements help track slow-moving objects.
  • Vergence movements are the ability for your eyes to track multiple objects simultaneously.

Your eyes need to focus to keep objects clear. If you have focusing problems (accommodative inefficiencies), you may struggle seeing objects both near and far

Depth perception is the ability to see how close objects are, which is essential for helping you navigate space. However, certain eye conditions, like amblyopia or strabismus, can impact this skill, affecting your performance while in the game.

One of the most important skills you have in your athlete tool kit is hand-eye coordination. Hand-eye coordination is essential for skills like dribbling a ball, handling a puck, or playing an instrument like the drums.

How We Can Help


Assessments are essential for determining what skills we need to focus on during your therapy program. These appointments take about 20 minutes to perform, during which we will use various technologies to assess each visual skill.

Once we determine where we need to focus your therapy, we’ll create a tailored program fit for your needs. After a month of training, we’ll assess your vision again to note any improvements. We make adjustments where necessary and continue with your program.

Exercises vary depending on your specific needs, but we’ll make sure the exercises you perform are right for you. Some of the tools and exercises we may use to improve your visual skills can include:

  • Therapeutic lenses, prisms, and filters
  • Computerized vision games and exercises
  • Free space tracking, focusing, and convergence and divergence exercises
  • Exercises that promote improved eye-hand coordination, balance, gaze stability, depth perception, and visual-motor integration

Start Your Program Today

Unlock your vision’s potential. Please, book an appointment today to begin your assessment, and we can get started on creating a program that keeps your focus on the game.

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